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ver 2.0 August 31, - September 7, 2009


L. N. T.

An Annual Southern California Burner Experience
at the RRR ranch in upper mojave desert
30 miles from Mojave Airport

So you're not making it to the burn this year.
Whether its financial, timing, not in the stars, not in the cards, or just need a year off, we don't want you to feel lonely on burn night. So the LA Regional is planning a "LEAVE NO BURNER BEHIND" camping event call "Not Burning Man." :-D
And its FREE! (we will be renting portos potties and we ask everyone who comes to chip in for the cost).

The Details:
Its on 37 empty acres of private desert land on the way to Burning Man up Highway 14 but only 2 hours outside LA (instead of 12) near Red Rock (instead of Black Rock) just down the road from Garlock (instead of Gerlock). ** Directions will be emailed to you upon RSVP.** Its just to get a head count of how many are coming so we can get enough portos. (Plus enough batter for the Sunday pancake breakfast) Cell phone and 3G, do work out there, so you can stay connected.

You can tent, RV, camper, or sleep in your vehicle. Radical Self Reliance must be practiced here. And as always Leave No Trace.
You can come out as early as August 31, but I'm sure most will arrive on Friday September 4th after work and stay through the long weekend. Shoot you could just come out on Saturday afternoon, party all night, and go back Sunday morning if you really wanted to. Its all up to you.

We will have a nice sound system out there and Atom (of the Mutaytor) will be spinning a set. If you want to provide some entertainment, please let us know. You are welcome to bring your fire toys, but also bring your fire safety equipment as well. All musical instruments are welcome.
We are planning on burning something on Saturday night, so bring some wood. It might just be a pile of wood or the late night elves might screw some pieces together into spontaneous art.

On the property there are 2 little bars (BYOB), volley ball, badminton, 2 story pyramid, 16' dome, golf, and 2 private RVs. Oh, and ants.
In the area there are many really cool things to do as well. The Boneyard or Airplane junk yard, and Mojave SpacePort are right down the street. There are a few Ghost Towns in the area, and some awesome yet bizarre man made rock formations. And you are welcome to bring some of your art out there as well; large or small. Bikes are welcome too, and highly recommended, the desert is a big place.
Pets are allowed, but know that it will be hot and not very hospitable for them. There is already a pet cat on the property. Your choice.

Please RSVP the following information to athena@laburningman.com

Camp Name or Your Name:
Number of people in camp:
(not everyone in your camp needs to RSVP. We just need a total head count)
Arrival Date:
Type of camping:
RV, Camper, Tent, Vehicle
Approx. footprint size needed:
(No one will have assigned camp areas, we just want to make sure there is enough room for everyone. )

See you in the Desert,
Athena and Normal

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