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Jessica Brooke - as Miley Cyrus - demo

iridium jazz club - Tony Messina + CD
Britney SuperStar - Tony Messina + CD
Lets Connect - Jessie Allen Cooper + CD - Concert

New Product Release from PARADOX STUDIO
Uber -LUX: Uno©. a Super Bright Single Flourecent Cinema Lamp

April 16, 2007
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Paradox Studio's entry to the music video contest for RHCP and Warner Records

The Charlie Paradox

Featuring Bridget the Midget and Monica "La Loca"

Cain and Abel  7-2004
Shane Woodson recently wrapped production on the comedy Feature Motion Picture for "CAIN and ABEL"
starring Shane Woodson, Terrence Flack, and Cristy Oldham.
Photographed by Brian Hanish

Wu Tang's Silkski   5-2004

(PRWEB) May 14, 2004 - Wu Tang and Brooklyn Zu all-star Silkski, aka the Don of All Dons, Upcoming album "End of Days,"
including the singles "No Money" and "The Don of All Dons."
Silkski recently wrapped production on the music video for "The Don of All Dons."
Photographed by Brian Hanish

UpsideDown TV: The johnny Neurotic Show

Johnny Does Burning Man:Neurotic Burns

iMachine Films -

"PEEK" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Six Minutes of Air" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Finis" Photographed by Brian Hanish
A Felinni-esq romp down the rabbit hole, has you caught in a hypnotic surrealistic, projectionalism universe, with the unforgiving task of being the messenger. 

Savitch Films -

"Interview with an internet Junkie" Photographed by Brian Hanish

"Black Secret" Photographed by Brian Hanish

Barracuda feature film

WaterWoman the festival documentary

Paradox Studio Film Ranch: created RRR Ranch

The King and Me a softball odyssey

Jessie Allen Cooper: artist profile This Time Tomorrow

Jessie Allen Cooper adventuring Home music video

Vape Warz: the movie

Thumb Wars IX


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